mar 11 2014 050 I have happily returned to painting after a career as teacher/scholar of Greek, Latin and French. As I paint I find inspiration in objects and ideas interpreted by my imagination; I often work with other artistic disciplines as I translate concepts onto canvas. My paintings are rendered in acrylics and frequently incorporate natural objects in a variety of techniques and in styles from realistic to abstract. The results are inflected with idiosyncrasies of emotion, design, color, shape, and form, and may imply a subtly wry or humorous comment. No matter what the subject, style, technique, or attitude, I take great pleasure in the challenge and execution of the creative process.
I have worked on a multimedia series based on leaves and on a portrayal of a stream bed that incorporates sand and pebbles. Another recent series is based on music—sound registered as patterns of rhythm, melody, dance, emotion, and instruments. A third presents apples in various contexts, and the most recent reflects ‘the intersection of you and me.’  I also–always–take subjects from my studies of Ancient Greece and from my love of animals and nature.

In addition to painting, I am active in the field of woodworking; creations range from cupboards and tables to jigsaw puzzles and frames for paintings. I also continue my lifelong work with fabric, and I continue to express a deep love of music by playing euphonium with the Nelson Town Band and flute with smaller groups.
Dancing into the Light